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What To Do about Dry Skin

It’s totally normal for your skin to feel like the plains of the Sahara Desert. Right?

As the temperature and seasons change our skin has a tendency to dry out. When the humidity level drops, air outside becomes drier, and our skin is drained of its moisture.

The Causes of Dry Skin

It would be nice if the climate was the only thing that affected our skin. However, recent research has shown that hard water can have drastic effects as well.

recent study conducted by the University of Sheffield and King’s College London concluded:
“Exposing the skin to hard water damages the skin barrier – which is our defense against outside threats such as bacteria or sunburn – and increases the sensitivity of the skin to potential irritants found in everyday wash products such as soap or washing powder.”

Winter months coupled with hard water is a formula for more serious problems to occur. The occurrence of eczema, dermatitis, and other skin issues arise and are exacerbated further by hard water.

The presence of these unfriendly, inorganic-minerals (hard-water) can strip the skin of its natural protection and moisturizers. Then when we introduce soaps, lotions, or other chemicals onto our already tender skin, more serious skin issues occur.

The Soft Water Solution

Soft water has been freed of the harsh, negative minerals which cause skin irritation and dryness. Instead of stripping the skin of its natural moisturizers it leaves it feeling smooth and protected.

Other temporary measures that can potentially ameliorate dry skin include:

  • Taking shorter baths or showers
  • Using a minimal amount of soap
  • Rubbing a small amount of olive oil on the skin before your regular moisturizer
  • Using warm water, not hot
  • Switching to a natural cleanser

If you are noticing the ill-effects hard water has had on your family, consider switching to a soft water system. NuWater Technologies offers soft water systems that are the highest quality the market has to offer. Contact us for a free demonstration today.