Water Softeners for Your South Jordan, Utah Home

Crystal clear, pure, refreshing water. Is that what’s coming out of your tap? Or is it cloudy, rusty or smelly?

NuWater Technologies helps South Jordan, Utah, home and business owners rectify this problem. When your water isn’t to your liking, our water softeners and filtration systems can change the game. We have integrated solutions that help you meet water supply demands, but at a much higher quality.

Are You Happy with Your South Jordan Water Quality?

Do you like how your water tastes? Are you confident that it’s healthy for you to drink straight from the tap? Does it perform well for washing dishes and laundry? Can you bathe in it and feel clean afterward?

If you can’t answer yes to all these questions, there is probably a water quality problem at the heart of the matter. You wouldn’t be the first South Jordan, Utah-area home or business owner to have this problem. But with NuWater Technologies on the job, soon you’ll be sipping clear, fresh water and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

NuWater Technologies Draper, Utah

Get to Know NuWater Technologies in South Jordan

This is how our process works: We start with comprehensive water-quality testing to get an in-depth picture of what’s in your water. Hard minerals like calcium or magnesium are beneficial in your multivitamin, but they make life difficult when they’re in your water supply. It makes cleaning your laundry and dishes ineffective. The minerals build up and cause your appliances to break down early.

While minerals and hard water are inconvenient, this complaint reaches a whole other level if testing reveals you have more serious issues at play. Pesticide runoff, chemicals and bacteria could all contribute to an unhealthy water supply. Water filtration systems can offer solutions.

From Water Softeners & Filtration to New Heater Installation

We know clean water, and we want you to know it too. When your South Jordan-area home or business’s water is less than perfect, we can fix the problem. We’re committed to providing a full-service remedy to your hard or contaminated water problem. We offer everything from water softener and filtration installation and integration to water heater replacements.

We Service Your Daybreak Neighborhood Too

As a local company, we are well-versed in the common challenges faced by home and business owners in the South Jordan area, Daybreak included. We can help with every step of the water analysis and treatment process. Contact us today to set up a free water quality test and get in the know about what’s in your water supply (and how we can fix it)!

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