Water Purification Systems

What Do Water Purification Systems Do?

Water purification systems are designed to remove unpleasant, unhealthy and unwanted elements from your water.

In your home or office, a purification system renders your water supply perfect for drinking and cooking, bathing, washing and steaming clothes. Even if what comes from your tap is technically safe for consumption, adding a whole-home purification system will make it healthier and more enjoyable for your entire family.

NuWater Technologies uses state-of-the-art processes to provide highly reliable, cost-effective water purification, filtration, softening and heating systems to residential and commercial customers in Utah.

The most basic explanation is that a purification system removes gases, suspended solids, chemicals and contaminants from water to ensure that it’s pleasant-tasting and healthy. The result is clean and fresh-smelling, with no slimy or slippery feel.

It is important to understand that purification is not the same as filtration. Filtration removes sizeable particles, while purification removes virtually every contaminant and harmful substance, including bacteria and minerals.

Your family will enjoy the health benefits of clean, clear water. Virtually every appliance in your home will benefit, as will your plumbing system. And you can cut out the expense and clutter of buying bottled water.

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Utah Water Purification System Options

You can choose from a variety of treatment and purification systems, depending on what chemicals or elements you need to remove. A complimentary quality analysis can help guide you by identifying the elements of concern at your location.

Some systems reduce only specific contaminants. However, a purification system removes most of them. A carbon filter system, for example, is highly effective for neutralizing bacteria, rebalancing pH and reducing contaminants. A softener system reduces minerals. Combine these two technologies, and you have arguably the purest, highest-quality water available from your tap.

A whole-home or point-of-entry purification system will treat your water as it comes into your home, sending it on to every faucet and valve. A point-of-use system is installed at a specific location, such as your kitchen sink.

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A purification system gives you healthy, delicious H2O directly from your tap. Your ice cubes will be clear, your coffee will taste better and your home appliances will last longer and work better.

By not buying bottled water, you will save money — possibly hundreds of dollars every year — and significantly reduce your environmental impact when you switch to a purification system.

NuWater Technologies specializes in installing purification systems for your Utah home or business. If you aren’t sure you need a system, take advantage of our free water quality testing services. Contact us today to learn about our high-quality water purification systems, softeners, filtration and heating systems.

For example, if your family members are suffering from gastrointestinal issues, it’s possible it could be traced back to the bacteria or chemicals in your water quality. Dry skin and chronic eczema could also be caused by sediment in your water supply. Improving water quality can improve health.