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What To Do about Dry Skin

15-Oct-2018 Comments nuwater_admin

dry skin solutions

It’s totally normal for your skin to feel like the plains of the Sahara Desert. Right? As the temperature and seasons change our skin has a tendency ...

The Reason Hard Water Gets a Bad Rap

30-Jul-2018 Comments nuwater_admin

hard water

Hard water is a concentration of inorganic minerals (mostly calcium and magnesium) in water. The hard thing about hard water is what it does to your h ...

4 Ways Soft Water Saves You Money

25-Aug-2017 Comments nuwater_admin


Soft water can make your family’s life better in many ways. Your water will taste better. You will enjoy a host of health benefits, including softer ...

Should You Choose a Salt or Salt-Free Water Softener?

25-Aug-2017 Comments nuwater_admin


If you’re researching water softeners, you have probably discovered both salt-based and salt-free (or saltless) systems. And, if so, you may be hear ...

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Soft Water

25-Aug-2017 Comments nuwater_admin


Good water is good for your health – and soft water is really good water! Unfortunately, an overabundance of minerals can cause a variety of problem ...