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NuWater Technologies Draper, Utah

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Utah’s Water Purification Experts

NuWater Technologies has your best interests in mind. Sparkling clear, fresh, beautiful water makes your life beautiful. Not only does our team care about the quality of your water, we care about the quality of your life. We’ve studied what other water softener and filtration companies provide, and we’ve seen both the good and the bad. NuWater Technologies is committed to taking the best and making it better, establishing a standard of excellence in home-water system performance that’s unprecedented, using technology to create the best water possible for you.

The NuWater Difference

Defend your Family Against Chloramine, Chlorine and Hardness in Your Water.

The Puronics® Defender™ iGen® C (with ChloroShield™ Clearess® media) utilizes our proprietary Chlorostatic® Technology to reduce the levels of chloramine, chlorine, and hardness typically found in municipal water supplies. Chloramine is a common municipal water disinfectant, but is corrosive to lead and copper water lines and could have possible side effects for people and fish. This whole-house water softener and filtration system combines the advanced technology of the intelligent iGen® control valve and a durable fiberglass media tank to provide superior quality, healthy water for years to come.

5 Ways Water Quality Helps Improve Your Life

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NuWater Technologies Draper, Utah

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NuWater Technologies Draper, Utah

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